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Need help with your text?We critique and edit any text written in Swedish.

In need of a proofreader? We proofread any text written in Swedish. 

Have you written a manuscript? We will read it and give you feedback.

Are you looking for a writer? We will write what you need. 

Do you need help with proofreading and editing of your text? Are you looking for someone to read your manuscript and give feedback? Or are you looking for a writer who can write a text for you? We are here for you.

Our proofreaders and editors can handle any type of text written in Swedish. if you need help with you manuscript, Bachelor's thesis or article, we can help you with both language, structue and content.

Don't miss our blog about language and writing: Textbildning. Here, we publish informative articles and try to answer common questions about writing, editing, proofreading and the Swedish language. We want such information to be avaliable for everyone online.

Do you have questions about proofreading? Find your answers here. We explain what proofreading is and what a proofreader actually does.
Have you finished writing your manuscript? Great! But don't forget to proofread it before you send it to a publisher. What can a proofreader do for you?

Do you need help with proofreading and editing?

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